Cinq A Sept

Cinq A Sept Mckenna Dress

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  • PRODUCT NAME: Cinq A sept Mckenna Dress 
  • FABRIC: 93% Polyester 7% Polyurethane 
  • COLOR: Black 
  • DETAILS: Elegant Dress Features Hidden Zipper On The Side, Twist Detail At Waist, & Slight Flare Sleeves 
  • STYLE NUMBER: ZD14943626Z

Cinq A Sept is a contemporary brand that draws on the intriguing tension between day and night inspired by romance and sexiness. Their silhouettes embody a balance between sophistication and easy by incorporating unexpected and striking details.

Chest31.5 in33 in34.5 in36.5 in38.5 in40.5 in
Waist24.5 in26 in27.5 in29.5 in31.5 in33.5 in
High Hip29.75 in31.25 in32.75 in34.75 in36.75 in38.75 in
Low Hip34.5 in36 in37.5 in39.5 in41.5 in43.5 in
Inseam34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in
Chest31.5 in32.5 in33.5 in34.5 in35.5 in36.5 in3839.5 in41 in43 in
Waist24.5 in25.5 in26.5 in27.5 in28.5 in29.5 in31 in32.5 in34 in36 in
High Hip29.75 in30.75 in31.75 in32.75 in33.75 in34.75 in36.25 in37.75 in39.25 in41.25 in
Low Hip34.5 in35.5 in36.5 in37.5 in38.5 in39.5 in41 in42.5 in44 in46 in
Inseam34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in34 in